What's wet, dry, and affordable all over?

The answer: ProMinent's polymer prep units.

Perfect polymer, at an affordable price.
Every time.

Not only are our units available in a safety-optimized, dust-free configuration, but they also provide access to the polymer water interface for easy cleaning and simple maintenance. And they’re affordable. We can quantify the cost savings and life cycle costs for each unit’s options — whether you need liquid, dry, or batch polymer. We really thought of everything.

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Tomal PolyRex

for dry and liquid polymer

PolyRex is a turn-key automatic machine for batch preparation and metering of polymer solutions from dry or liquid sources. The PolyRex uses a progressive mixing system to effectively hydrate and activate the polymer to a homogenous and activated polymer solution.

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The ProMinent DulcoBlend Liquid Polymer preparation system is a unique three-chamber design that provides the mixing energy required to activate neat emulsion and liquid polymer solutions into a dilute ready-to-use solution for water and waste water treatment processes. The operator-friendly design provides features and benefits that come from the years of experience ProMinent has in the field with handling polymer applications, like our highest safety standards.

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continuous flow polymer systems

With Ultromat continuous flow systems, the reservoir is separated into multiple chambers. Thus, it is extremely unlikely that recently mixed polymer gets into the suction area of the metering pump (product entrainment). The system offers an economical means of polymer preparation with a much smaller footprint than a batch based system, thus being a suitable retrofit for existing polymer equipment.

Safety first.
And second. And third.

When we design our polymer products, we don't just design to the highest safety standards — we create and set entirely new standards. We manufacture everything with simplicity in mind. That's why we've made maintaining and cleaning a polymer unit as easy as possible. Traditional polymer make down products are difficult to clean and even more difficult to maintain. But ProMinent's products allow easy access to the mixing components thanks to our ingenious polymer delivery methods. And not only that, but we offer dust-free configurations of our polymer products — not just making your life a lot easier, but making it a lot safer too.

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Tomal PolyRex

~Batch type preparation of polymer solutions commonly used in municipal and larger industrial applications.~

Material of Construction
304 / 316 SS Wetted Components / Tanks
304 SS Stand / Hopper Screw Feeder assemblies

Batch Prepration
Standard designs up to 50 kg/hour dry polymer
Customized systems up to 300 kg/hour dry polymer
Polymer solution to 0.5% concentration

Available for liquid emulsion polymers
Dust free hygienic bag clamp
Unique design provides consistent preparation and consistency
Unique Optimo high rate blending system


~Continuous type preparation of polymer solutions common in municipal and smaller industrial applications.~

Material of Construction
PE storage tanks
PVC/brass piping components

Continuous preparation
Standard designs up to 110 kg/hour dry polymer
Polymer solution to 1.0% concentration

Small footprint
Available for emulsion polymers
Low cost
Complete turnkey production of polymer through standard PLC panel


~Continuous inline preparation of emulsion polymers suitable for all emulsion polymer feed applications.~

Material of Construction
PVC piping and contact materials
Options for customized stainless units

Standard designs up to 2.74 GPH emulsion polymer
Maximum pressure up to 65 PSIG> Custom designs to accomodate up to 14 gGPH/p>

Low cost solution
Colour HMI (Human Machine Interface) for easy operation
Open design for ease of operations
PLC for controls and function of turn key solution
Four stage mixing and blending process for effective preparation

Working together

For all your chemical feed needs.

At ProMinent, we believe no two needs are alike. That’s why our products work together to provide an infinite number of solutions, integrating to give you a chemical feed experience unlike any other.

From our controllers and sensors to our large chemical feed skids, we’ve thought through every step of your process and created a matched set with endless possibilities.

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To purchase a polymer preparation unit, or to ask for more details, please contact sales@prominent.ca.

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